I Am Not Paperless


My school district has a goal of being 80% paperless. I believe this is primarily financial. Paper and ink cost money. It is also partly environmental and intended to save space. Let’s face it, educators create lots of files. And special educators, well, we have the market cornered on files. Now, despite the fact that I work with technology everyday, I have a die hard preference for the hard copy of the information, whatever that information might be. At work, I am not paperless. No, not even close.

Which brings me to another issue. I am not paperless at home either. Some of that I can credit to the mail order industry and the slew of catologs I get from companies I have never heard about, and never wanted to. But most of that I can credit to my penchant for all things tissue and toilet paper. My husband calls me the tissue monster because I have tissues everywhere. Even when I don’t have a cold. He told me one night I seem to need to hold onto a security tissue. There is some truth to that.

But my tissue use is nothing compared to how I keep the toilet paper industry in business. I get nervous if we don’t have at least one twelve pack of toilet paper in the wings. After all, one needs toilet paper, and lots of it if one has a bladder disorder such as Interstitial Cystitis. On flare days/weeks I can go through a roll just like that. There one minute, gone the next. Forget 80% paperless. Gotta have those rolls. I am not paperless. No, not even a little.


2 responses to “I Am Not Paperless

  1. I have a friend who is saving empty rolls for her granddaughter’s school project. Save some for us to have when we come down for our visit.

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