The Collectors Club

There are likely a number of clubs out there no one really ones to join. The Collectors Club is one of them. You see, we collect health problems, often autoimmune.

It is rare I hear of someone who has just fibromyalgia, just lupus, just RA. If I do, it often doesn’t last long. Those of us with chronic illness can’t have just one you see.

My collection started with low grade depression and ADHD. Those you will sometimes find just by themselves. But I was not so fortunate. I soon added fibromyalgia, at age 25, and Interstitial Cystitis, at age 26. Later on, I found out I have PFD (pelvic floor dysfunction). I also have plain ole allergies (“hay fever”) that the Texas climate has seriously aggravated.

The illnesses in my collection that affects my life the most and is the most difficult to navigate is Interstitial Cystitis. It isn’t just painful, it causes me to need to be near a bathroom or know where one is, thereby seriously affecting my ability to move about and/or travel.

What about you, are you part of The Collectors Club? What have you collected?


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