Life Less Seriously


Layla is a lesson in life less seriously. Or perhaps, just adding some laughter back to life. This 1 year old Doberman Rescue dog is a one woman circus.

I am one of those people who tends to take everything VERY seriously. Even as a little girl, I felt things profoundly and was driven to do something about those things that I thought was wrong. Not quiet, but introverted, introspective, I thought, and think, deeply about most things. This can be a good thing, but I have been known to over think and have been told so on numerous occasions. Because I spend a lot of time crashed out, sleeping, or resting my mind is given even more time to think, and yes, to over think. Whereas I would not give up the thinking part, the over thinking part can be really quite a problem, and a nuisance.

Now I love my cats, and, in fact, I am a cat person, and always will be. But in their quiet (ok, most of the time) restful contemplation, the cats don’t often break me from this over thinking. They help me relax, and their purr is soothing. But I go right on thinking, thinking, life too seriously.

So along comes Layla. My husband has been wanting a dog for a long time but we had a special needs kitty, Buddy, who had  penchant for not using the litter box and his “wake” was not conducive to getting a new puppy/dog. Buddy wasn’t being bad, it is like it just did not compute; special needs boy. He died too young at 9 the night after Christmas this year: I was heartbroken. Still am, but have learned that sometimes God takes away, but He also gives.

So along comes Layla, a surprise, when a week ago Friday my husband Jon texts me to say: “Want a dog?” He has been wanting a doberman since his last dog, his beloved Sebastian was a dobbie. Layla has been with us a week now. She may be 1 in body, but she is all puppy. We think she was neglected, she sure isn’t trained yet. But she is so loving, just wanting attention, more attention, please can I lick your face? Oh look, a bird!

Dobermans are apparently known as Velcro dogs. Layla, does in fact, meet this breed description. She likes to be right on our legs, everywhere in the house. Ooops, did I trip you? I was just trying to stay close. She moves in circles a lot of the time. Knows how to use those pleading eyes. Has the guilt look down cold! Loves to lick hands, ears, and if you aren’t careful, the mouth. Eats rawhide like there is no tomorrow (and you had better not even look like you will take it from her!).

We all need lessons on life less seriously, so we got Layla. What helps you take life less seriously?



6 responses to “Life Less Seriously

  1. She’s beautiful. I have 3 cats, all rescue kitties, and I firmly believe that rescue animals are special, kind and loving souls. More love to give and recieve:)

  2. Layla is GORGEOUS! She looks like a Layla! Great name! What a wonderful thing you have done, saving her. I have found that animals that “find” us, come for a reason. They usually give much more than they ever take. Bless you and Miss Layla I LOVE this post!

      • Love that! I am sure that you will find that dogs although very different from cats in certain ways, are great comforters and listeners. I am sure that my pups get tired of my constant babbling although they never complain or act as if they mind. Enjoy her as I am certain she is enjoying her new home!

  3. I am amazed that this big doberman is so verry lovable! I have been forced to change my opinion about the doberman breed. It’s good to change one’s thinking via a lovable creature!

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