You Are My Sunshine


My sunshine, Bennie, left me on the last Sunday of my March vacation (spring break) two years ago, at 8 pm. It is the last Sunday of my March vacation again, and I miss my sunshine. I was just sad this morning, and it took me awhile to remember why, this day is burned on my heart forever. Losing a friend, a loved one, changes us and leaves us a little, or a lot, different than before. Time makes it easier, and the pain moves to the background, but the loss is still there, waiting in the shadows.

Bennie specialized in purr therapy. A gentle sweet boy, he brought joy and peace into my life for 11 of his 14 years. Whenever I would have a particularly bad bladder day (aka Interstitial Cysitits flare), he knew, and would hop right up on the lap and try to purr that pain away. The truth is, it helped. They say a cats purr can be healing, and it was.

Bennie loved to lie on things:


Bennie loved to lie in things:


Bennie loved to lay under things:


Bennie loved to lay next to his brothers (“The Boys”)



Even on his last day, he wanted to be with his brothers:


He was not just my pet, my cat, he was my friend. Part of me got chipped away when he left me two years ago. But he left me with a gift only a true friend can give, another friend. Not to take his place, but to have the love he left behind. You see, when he was dying (lymphoma), he sat on my lap while I was playing a facebook cat game, and helped me find another gentle soul who had waited 7 years to find her home, Periwinkle. We went to get her about 3 weeks after he left us. Unselfish to the end. My sunshine.

I look forward to seeing you again some day Bennie.

You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy

When skies turn gray

I hope you know dear

How much I love you

So sad that my sunshine went away


7 responses to “You Are My Sunshine

  1. MY Baby cat Rocco was killed by an express train on a Sunday. I read your post and could not stop crying. So sorry for your loss, I can feel your pain.

  2. I remember when you selected Bennie because he had that cute stubby little tail because he had been hurt. Then, later, when you had to give up a cat when you moved, you kept Bennie because you thought he might not be adoptable. You took care of him, and he took care of you. God likes it like that!

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