Is it ok to be angry at God?

I love God, but some days I just get really angry at Him. I am lucky enough to have been a member of a couple of churches that talk about being angry at God, and don’t try to push it under the rug. But it is a hard emotion to feel when all I want to feel is love and gratefulness for all I know I have been given.

Today I was driving to work, and I was just flooded with a great feeling of anger. I am so mad that I have to live with pain every day. That mornings start with a sea of pills that often include at least 2 Advil. That I know the only way to stop the pain is to get absorbed in something else so that I am distracted and not aware of the pain. That I can’t stand for long periods of time.

I am so mad that I can’t eat certain things I like anymore, like oranges. And that tomatoes, and tomato sauce, are on the no no list. That I have to plan everyday thinking about when I will be able to go to the bathroom. That I don’t have the freedom to drink whenever I need to, because there might not be a bathroom, or because I will be working with a student. That I may end up in a lot of pain if a bathroom isn’t nearby. That travel plans, and even weekend plans have to revolve around the toilet.

I am so mad that I feel tired a lot of the time. That even though I can usually make it through a work week, I often crash and need to sleep all weekend long. That I can’t get enough done on the weekends to make up for what I didn’t have enough energy to do during the week. That even when I make it through, sometimes all I really want is a nap.

I have learned to practice gratefulness, and indeed I am grateful for many things. But today I am just mad at God that He has allowed this to happen to me. That He has allowed it to happen to others. It isn’t fair (Yes, I know life is not fair). I have so much rage about my condition sometimes that I don’t even know what to do with it. I know that this too shall pass, as it has come and gone before. But today, I am just mad.


3 responses to “Is it ok to be angry at God?

  1. I know how you feel. I get so angry at IC, angry that my life will never be the same. I cant eat drink or do the things I love…. and often ask why? Why has this happened to me? Sounds self pitying but I do.

  2. Damn right it is okay to be angry at God.

    So many people go through life causing pain and suffering to others. Why are they not punished? Why should you be the one who has to live in pain?

    We would not be human if we did not feel anger. We will not be judged for being justifiably angry.

    The biggest challenge is taking that anger and turning it into positive energy. You are doing this right now by sharing your emotions and helping others.

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