Very Inspiring Blogger Award Day 2


Thank you to Forget me Not  for this award, my second in two days. I am enjoying her blog, if you have a minute check it out.

Since I am new to blogging and do not have many blogs I follow yet I am not going to pass this out to others this time but I will mention 7 more things about myself:

1) I am a night person. Given my druthers my bedtime would be between 1-2 pm. This does not work on a work night since I have to get up at 6 am.

2) I worked on a PhD in communication disorders for a year. It was not for me.

3) My brother is a psychiatrist. So proud of him.

4) I really don’t like talking on the telephone. I prefer in person or computer based communication like email. Skype is growing on me though.

5) I am an Introvert. People really tire me out after awhile.

6) I took swim lessons this past summer even though I have known how to swim for years. I wanted to do it right so I wouldn’t aggravate my fibro. So worth it.

7) I really hate driving over bridges.


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