Courtesy of two days off work last week, and actually getting enough rest for a couple of days, I found myself able to do a few things that have been on the 2-do list for quite some time.


Oh wait, the 2-do list is quite long I realize. I am talking about mass organization projects like sorting through files from 4 years of “to be filed” boxes. Going through stuff that has been packed up since I moved to TX 5 years ago.

Sure, I only started on the project because I am planning to buy a new car (yes, the ole ’03 160,000 mile Corolla has finally gotten to the end of it’s life, or rather, the suspension on the car has), and I could neither find the registration nor the title of the old one.


Forget several days. We are talking several years. I spend all my energy (spoons) on my day job for the most part, and am lucky to have any energy to do daily tasks like cooking, dishes, laundry or tidying up. When I do get short bursts of energy, I go for the things like calling an old friend or shorter term “projects.”


You bet I am overwhelmed. What was I thinking? Organization like this makes my brain spin on a good day. It isn’t just the lack of energy, frankly, the ADHD factors in a bit here.


So, the scream is back. And I did find the registration, but no clue where that title is. Sure glad the dealer is more than happy to take care of that one. Here is to hoping I have enough spoons to go Suburu hunting this weekend. It’s time.


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