Finding relief from chronic pain goes a long way towards helping me cope with its insidious nature. Here are some things I have found that help:

  • A purring cat sitting on my lap
  • Sitting under our pecan tree on a warm spring day with the wind gently blowing
  • Going out to dinner with my husband
  • Listening to a moving worship song
  • Swimming
  • Enjoying a piece of chocolate
  • A happy dog licking my face
  • The sound of ocean waves crashing on the shore
  • A back rub
  • Working with a smiling student on their communication device
  • Kayaking or just plain boating
  • Spending time with my family
  • Playing a word game
  • The smell of Yankee candle lime vanilla
  • A warm bath
  • Doing a puzzle

These things help get me outside myself, into the moment. They engage me, distract me, keep my mind off the pain. Keeping the mind off the pain actually helps decrease the pain physically. Respite.

What do you do to cope with pain?


2 responses to “Respite

  1. Hi Cheryl! It’s such a pleasure to meet you via the blogosphere! Interestingly enough, I have a passion for Assistive Tech; I was a COTA/L before my multiple disabilities became too burdensome for me to continue working outside my home. But my heart is still with AT and I still dream of one day being able to pursue that dream, as it’s a natural talent of mine.

    Anyways, you asked what others do to keep our minds off the pain and exercise mindfulness. Here’s my list – I have these activities (as well as chores I need to do) written on little index cards I save in a soapbox for inspiration/direction when I’m in too much pain to think or not feeling particularly motivated. Here they are:

    Call a friends and tell her why you miss her

    Write a thank you note or write down something you are grateful for in a journal

    Green Thumb
    Show the plants some love

    Read a good book by soft light with a cup of tea and smile

    Collector’s Edition
    Viewmaster, CocaCola, Pinterest

    Dress Up
    Dress up and make yourself look nice, then take a few pictures

    You’ve done a full day’s work. Write it out and smile, then rest

    The Other White Meat
    Go get some sun and use that lawn chair

    She’s Gifted
    Make inexpensive gifts for friends and family – Sewing

    Actions Speak Louder
    Remember the words and deeds of loving people. God loves you even more!

    Dancing Fool
    Watch some YouTube videos and practice your moves

    Class Clown
    Write a new comedy skit

    Do something rather spontaneous and maybe a tad crazy

    A Picture’s Worth…?
    Try out photography, visual art, or painting (even with nail polish)

    Vroom Vroom
    Go for a walk, roll, or drive. Sight-see

    Neon Nails
    Paint those nails your fav color, girlfriend!

    Completely Completed
    Complete a task and feel good about it

    Go Fly A Kite
    …No, I’m serious! Or go bowling, roller-skating, mini golfing, shooting pool, horse riding, or play Frisbee!

    Go to free plays or concerts or Christian rallies

    People Person
    Spend an evening with friends or go out and meet new folks. Have lunch with a friend

    Plan A Date
    Tea and crumpets or a 4-course meal, set a date with friends and invite them over! What about a picnic or coffeehouse date?

    Gimme the beat boys and free my soul – I wanna get lost in your rock n roll and drift away

    Review and notes, Use DBT skills. Relax – deep muscle relaxation and meditation

    Now Isn’t That Sweet?
    Perform a pre-meditated act of kindness on some unsuspecting someone

    Writer’s Blog
    Go ahead and post it – you know you want to! Or brainstorm some new bloggy ideas in Evernote

    Hugs/hug vest, heavy blankets, comfy clothes, hot shower, soak feet, clean sheets, back massager, sink into comfy recliner, soft blanket/animal, hats, brush hair, lotion

    Buy flowers, make a pretty space, watch candle flame or Xmas lights, glow sticks, hugs painting, pictures, watch nature or stars, lightning, walk downtown, garden, snowfall, movie

    Soothing/exciting music, sing/hum fav songs, flute/piccolo, radio, fan, birds, leaves, thunder, rain (use meditation apps)

    Perfume/lotion, candle, spray or freshener, cooking, potpourri, open windows, smell nature, use lemon oil on furniture, remember Gran’s house, peppermint, vanilla, lavender

    Gutsy Girl

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