Intimacy of Pain

An excellent post on dealing with pain from a fellow blogger.

Fibromyalgia This: Diary Of A Pain Warrior when you felt attractive and desired? Yup, me neither. With Chronic Pain comes an intriguing form of, what I call, a selective emotional amnesia. A type of memory loss where all pleasurable moments are overshadowed by the body’s reaction to constant pain. Its assault so intense and degrading, that it often becomes the main source of self, a prism through which we filter all that makes us alive. And truthfully, it is difficult to feel anything but disgust and rejection toward the body that betrays us so much, daily.

How can l feel  attractive when my skin burns painfully at the touch of wind, let alone a stroke of a hand? When my pained fingers are unable to button a blouse, how do I not see myself as a disappointment ? In face of a constant failure  of my body to carry me powerfully through life, where do I find the strength to stop the anger and move toward acceptance…

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