The Chronic Illness Dictionary: Crash

Crash -v  When the world you want to live in (the healthy world) and the world you do live in (the chronic illness world) collide. When you become completely drained due to rapid depletion of all that adrenaline you used to get through that social event, work task, household project, vacation, et cetera. When you don’t need just a nap to recover, you need a week of sleep and leave me alone to recooperate, thank you very much.


3 responses to “The Chronic Illness Dictionary: Crash

  1. I had three hours today… three hours where I felt almost healthy. With renewed optimism I planned a busy afternoon of all the things Id been putting off only to be thwarted an hour later. Will try again tomorrow. I hope you’re ok x

  2. I just found your blog. Thanks for your honesty and for sharing about your journey with chronic illness. It something I’m going through as well. I was diagnosed with a terminal illness back in 2007. I’m just not cooperating with the expiration date they gave me 🙂 Chronic illness is always there. Today, I slept off and on until 4 pm. It feels like such a waste of a day to do that, doesn’t it?

    Here’s hoping that you can find your silver lining. I’m sorry you’re facing all that you are. (((hugs)))

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